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Welcome to my somewhat old fashioned site. It was set up in the mid noughties (hence the lack of whizzy bits) when I used to write a lot and editors didn’t like byelines with companies in – so a simple website was set up to direct people to me and the byelines said ed-mead.com – simples. These days I’m an independent property advisor and estate agent services entrepreneur. The move from being an agent for 37 years to doing what I’m doing now is a well trodden one except for the services bit. Viewber is an outsourced viewing service for agents, any agents, to stretch the areas they serve into areas they wouldn’t have gone before. It means that no seller, buyer, landlord or tenant need ever miss a viewing again. Clearly it is a help to the online sector but enables forward thinking high street agents to compete and enhance the geographical areas they cover. We provide a managed viewing service that covers the UK. For some agents the idea of perhaps saving on staff costs and using the service might appeal, or perhaps the more efficient use of existing staff – do the first viewings yourself and then use the service for other viewings, including surveyors and mortgage valuers for example. It is clearly designed to be flexible and will shortly be automated meaning that it’ll work like an uber style platform. An agent simply types the postcode of the viewing into the app and those local to the viewing respond with their ratings (given by buyers and agents after every viewing) and their prices. It’s dynamic pricing in the gig economy. If you’re interested call 03330 124186 and talk to us, or email emead@viewber.co.uk. In terms of the rest of life after 37 years of agency work, becoming an FRICS, being widely quoted and printed it would be madness not to operate my own advisory service. So I am…..either register on this site or email me. It never ceases to amaze me that many people launch into buying or selling their home without talking to an expert first. Not doing so CAN cost you thousands and an inexpensive phone call, or an afternoon discussing your needs – followed by working out which agent is right and how much you should pay them – would seem like simple common sense. Get in touch……and I do occasionally post blogs on here, so have a look – some go back YEARS!! www.viewber.co.uk email Ed Mead